Mission Time Ltd. is a young & energetic team set up in August 2009.
We have our in house designers, engineers, purchasers & quality control colleagues in Hong Kong or China.
The whole team in Mission Time are professional experts with years of hands on experience in the watch manufacturing industry. We are committed and efficient to cater for all customer enquiries.

Everybody has to take up different roles in his/her life: a lovely baby; an obedient child; a diligent student; a cooperative team member; a responsible employee; a tender parent; a civilized citizen…………

Positive people always try their best to complete their missions for different roles. No matter what the result is, the process could inspire their thoughts, enrich their lives, and catalyze their exposure to higher levels.

How many challenges / tasks / missions are to be completed for your life? Try your best to achieve them & enjoy the process, life is beautiful.

To Mission Time Ltd., to serve customers' enquiries and orders with full customer satisfaction are our designated missions.

We are ready to take the market challenges with the following strengths:

- creative, unique, felicitous designs
- good quality products with thorough check
- prompt, dedicated follow up
- flexible production process
- reliable delivery
- authentic after sales service

Striving to deliver the designated missions with our full effort, our target is to build long-term mutually benefited partnership with our customers.